A taste of Italian delights at Urban Uruli, Thrissur

When my wife’s classmate who happens to be a Chef specialising in Italian cuisine invited us home for a small get-together during our recent trip to Thrissur (300 kms from our place), I saw it as a good opportunity to check out the homemade flavour of some authentic Italian delicacies.

Dinner was a simple affair – Shrimp Alfredo Penne Pasta with toasted Garlic butter bread along with some classic cognac for company. The pasta had pan seared shrimps served with a choice of red or white homemade alfredo sauce and cheese. There was also a veggie version with mushrooms. The garlic butter bread had a hint of olives and Italian herbs. It was an evening well spent and the food was awesome.

I would definitely recommend Urban Uruli to the food lovers in Thrissur who would like to explore Italian cuisine. Please note that as of now, there is only a takeaway or home delivery option.

Anil Philip

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