SAIL Mediclaim renewal: options and instructions

It is that time of the year when ex-employees of Steel Authority of India (SAIL) and its steel plants like Bhilai (BSP), Rourkela (RSP), Bokaro, Durgapur, Salem, etc; are anxious to renew their medical insurance under the SAIL Mediclaim Scheme.

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How to renew SAIL Mediclaim Insurance Premium online

It is that time of the year when ex-employees of Steel Authority of India (SAIL) and its steel plants like Bhilai (BSP), Rourkela (RSP), Bokaro, Durgapur, Salem, etc; run around to renew their medical insurance premiums under the SAIL Mediclaim Scheme.

Ex-employees are usually under stress to get the mediclaim renewed for themselves and their spouses as they hardly get the renewal forms on time, by post. Over these years, we have seen that Insurance Companies and Third Party Administers (TPA) have not been very customer friendly but for the last few years, the renewal form is available online on the SAIL website and there is also a provision to make the premium payment online through State Bank of India (SBI).

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A forest that we planted, thirty years back

Thirty years back, we were taken from our school to a barren piece of land to plant few saplings as part of a massive tree plantation programme in our township. Although I was a student of Class IX, I don’t think I would have realised the importance of that act then. For us it was just a break from the class and also, probably this was our first outing from our new school. Last year during a visit to my hometown, Bhilai after some 15 years, I decided to check out that place and was very happy to see a lush green and dense forest.

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DD completes 50 years

Doordarshan has completed 50 years today. It was on this day on the 15th of September, 1959 that Doordarshan first started its transmission.

Sumukhanaya Orthodox Varan

‘Sumukhanaya Orthodox Varan’ (Handsome Orthodox Bridegroom). This was the caption of a Matrimonial Advertisement in today’s Malayala Manorama. And since we were looking for a guy for my cousin, we thought of calling up the number. When we called the given number, it belongs to a Marriage Bureau. They first wanted a detailed bio-data / profile from us before giving any information about the 53 year old guy mentioned in the advt.
The classified was misleading as it gave an impression about a personal ad and not of a bureau. Looks like an easy way to fool people and collect bio-data / profiles of Ladies (Spinsters / Widows / Divorcees).
This is least expected from Manorama Classifieds which has some credibility compared to other dailies. Either Manorama Classifieds should cross check the telephone number before putting the ad or better will be to mention in the ad that it’s a bureau.
Will save lot of time, effort and also curses. Makes me actually wonder if this ‘Sumukhanaya Orthodox Varan’ really exists?