My church election manifesto ‘Be the Change’

I have filed my nomination for the elections to our Church Managing Committee for 2016-17. We have three groups in our Cathedral in Trivandrum but I am standing as an independent candidate from my ward. There are 1,400 families but less than 700 individuals have made it to the final voters list. I know I don’t have any chance against heavyweight candidates who have been Committee Members or Officer Bearers for the last 18-25 years but I want to give it a try.

These are some of my ideas for change in our parish:

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An open letter to a Church Treasurer


Dear Mr. Treasurer,

We are not members of your parish but we have been attending the service there, on and off for the last eight months or so. Although we had an idea about the financial condition of the Parish, we didn’t realise it was so bad till we heard your ten point agenda. At the same time, cannot help putting across some of our observations.

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