Friendship day Clash of Foodies at Uday Samudra, Kovalam

It was a fun-filled event that the Uday Samudra Beach Hotel at Kovalam organised on August 05, 2018 as part of friendship day celebrations – the Clash of Foodies. Five teams of six members each had to finish 8 kgs of Biryani and 5 litres of lime juice in one hour.

There were a few rules to be followed – contestants had to follow proper table manners, use the cutlery provided which meant no use of hands to eat, they could not go to the restroom during the contest, food cannot be wasted, etc. They could also choose between vegetarian or chicken biryani and raitha was optional.

Bhima, Ravana, Ghatotkhacha, Kumbhakarna and Great Khali were the names of the five participating teams consisting of professionals, entrepreneurs, engineers and gym trainers. The winning team, Great Khali, got gift vouchers worth Rs. 10,000/- which they can redeem at any of the UDS Group properties across Kerala.

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Anil Philip

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