G3 Beat from LG’s flagship G-series hits Kerala market

Kochi: The LG G3 Beat is LG’s latest in the G-series and boasts of a premium compact design on its stately 5 inch frame. The uniquely curved body offers better grip and the metallic skin is aimed at reducing smudges. LG G3 Beat has an arch shaped design that makes it sleeker and more convenient for single handed operations as well.

With 137.7 x 69.9 x 10.3 mm dimensions, LG G3 Beat has a larger-is-better 5 inch HD IPS display of 1280 x 780 pixels, making no compromises in the display comfort and efficiency. The camera features on the G3 Beat maintain LG’s superior standards with added Laser Auto Focus with OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) that reduces blur and shakes even in adverse shooting conditions. The 8 MP camera features also comes with Touch and Shoot that eliminates cumbersome key functions on the touch screen, instead enabling the user to touch anywhere on the screen when the camera feature is in use to capture a photograph.

One of the most unique features with the G3 Beat would be the smart keyboard that can be customised to fit needs, provides natural navigation and reliable word recognisation to provide a true ‘smart’ experience. The smart keyboard can also be adjusted in height and settings. The many variations for smart usage on the G3 Beat’s touch screen just start here. In addition is offered LG’s trademark KnockCode security feature with over 86,000 possibilities of customising a security code that is virtually infallible and an utmost necessity in modern times.

The LG G3 Beat is equipped with a hefty 2540 mAh battery that promises on-the-go connectivity without the fear of a battery die-out. The 8 GB ROM and 1 GB RAM also provide a solid core to the phone that runs on the latest Android 4.4 Kitkat. The phone priced at around Rs. 25,000, is available in three striking metallic colours – metallic black, silk white and shine gold.

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