Hilton Garden Inn Trivandrum hosts Frontier flavours food fest (Aug 11-20)

Hilton Garden Inn Trivandrum is hosting a ten-day Frontier Flavours food festival at their world cuisine restaurant, Garden Grille from August 11, 2017. This is a good opportunity for the foodies to experience the quintessential taste and untold traditions of ‘North-West Frontier’ region.

North West Frontier cuisine boasts the influences of Baloch, Pashtun, Punjabi, Sindhi and Lahori, and is very popular because of its unique style of cooking in terms of methods and ingredients. This cuisine uses the simplistic style of preparation, where large chunks of meat, seafood and vegetables are marinated sparingly and cooked in the clay tandoor at high temperatures so that they remain tender and succulent. The spices and flavours are judiciously used so as not to overpower the preparations and to be acceptable to every palate. The rusticness of the cuisine and the focus on preserving the flavours and ingredients is another speciality of this cuisine.

Executive Chef, Ashok Eapen has meticulously crafted the menu of the festival in an endeavour to titillate discerning guests’ palates with diverse dishes from across the region. The festival menu presents delicacies like Mutton Rezala, Murgh Malai Tikka, Dal Bukhara, Sikandari Raan, Barrah Kebab and Dhania Mangodi, to name a few.

The festival also features a live counter exclusively for starters named ‘Shuruwat’ that serves Peshawar Murgh, Lamb Chapli kebab, Subz-motia-seekh, Paneer Badshahi with a choice of stuffing. ‘Khyber pass’ is yet another special live counter with a delightful combination of Roti Aur Boti, Carving Station, Peshawari Wrap and Roll Station, and Imarti station.

Desserts include traditional and rare specialities such as Mutton Halwa, Gulkand Jamun, Lasooni Kheer, Naarangee Marmalade Slice, Cardamom Brulee, Gajar Strudel, Omali and more.

The Frontier Flavour Food Festival, priced at Rs 1,199 plus taxes, is part of the dinner buffet and will conclude on August 20th.

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