Kerala – Devil’s or Hartal’s own country?

no-hartalIt’s sad that this highly literate State of Kerala has an irresponsible opposition, a bunch of spineless ruffians who want to show their opposition through street fights and call a hartal at the drop of a hat. And I am surprised that there are lot of well educated people around who support and justify this kind of hooliganism.

At times like this, I feel LDF seems to be headed by a bunch of idiots who still live in stone-age and call hartals for flimsy reasons, as if it is the ultimate solution for all issues. Shame on you guys!!

Let them debate and discuss this issue. Had the opposition behaved properly and responsibly, the Assembly session which was curtailed today, could have continued for another ten days and good debates could have happened there. But this hartal is definitely not the solution. I don’t agree to this god forsaken method of protest.

What do they gain out of this hartal except causing hardship to millions of people who stay here. Think about all those tourists who will be stranded across God’s own country. What about the numerous engagements – marriages, baptisms, house-warmings and similar functions that have been fixed, may be months ago? What happens to all those appointments with Doctors, hospital visits, job interviews and examinations? What about the daily wage labourers or the road side vendors? What about those millions who depend on hotel food? I can go on writing a long list of such people who will be affected by this mindless act of LDF.

While these leaders, who claim to represent the common man, move around with full freedom, it’s the freedom of the common man, the lay man on the street, whose freedom is curtailed. It is a violation of basic human rights. Will this bloody opposition own responsibility for all their trouble?

I have not touched upon the economic aspect of this hartal – the loss of business, the loss to the exchequer and the loss of credibility of Kerala as an investment destination.

I have been in Kerala since 2007 and based on my experiences here, one thing is for sure – Kerala will not emerge forward as long as the red flag is flying here. You may interpret this as you wish but this is my take on the state of affairs here. Lal salaam!

Check out this link to read a report from the Times of India ‘Hartal numbs Kerala’s economy’

Last update July 11, 2013


  1. Anil Philip   •  

    It’s ridiculous that the whole Trivandrum district is being held ransom by a bunch of ruffians who are not even recognised by the electorate. Even sad that the entire city is shut down and penalised for the ruckus by them in a college, run by their own community. And the other dashholes here are ever ready to oblige the call for a hartal, the second in three weeks – all schools closed, shops shut and low attendance in offices. ‪‎Kerala‬ is a doomed State with no future at all. Sick and tired of this ‪‎hartal‬ culture. (Today’s hartal is sponsored by AVBP & Hindu Akiya Vedi with the backing of BJP)

    • Radhakrishnan Nair   •  

      Thanks for giving the link to my article, Anil!

      Radhakrishnan Nair

  2. mercy joseph   •  

    we need strict laws to ban this and the same time ,the laws should be implement with strong and stringent measures through the fair police force, otherwise no use of talks and debates , here harthals, bandhs under the political banner.

  3. Anil Philip   •  

    The ‎hartal‬ malady continues to plague Kerala, today it was in Pathanamthitta District and this time it’s called by the Congress. Everyone’s doing it turn by turn. First it was the LDF, then BJP / Sangh pariwar and now Congress. And tomorrow again, it’s LDF in some parts of Pathanamthitta District. What a shame !!

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