LG launches its latest smartphone G3 in Kerala

Kochi: LG has launched its latest smart phone G3 in the Kerala market. The newly launched LG G3 is the latest from LG’s fine and impressive flagship G-series, taking over from the previous G2 and its ‘Learning from you’ theme.

The 5.5 inch phone is lightweight and comes in three metallic colours of black, white and gold. With the signature Rear Key and Floating Arc design, it fits sleek and stylish in the user’s hand. The 2560 x 1440 pixel display with Quad HD offers the finest visibility in the smartphone market with 538 ppi that is usually seen only in the best of artbooks.

Going far beyond the simple aesthetics of design, the G3 promises enhanced performance with a powerful 2.5 GHz quad core Snapdragon processor with a 3 GB RAM to boot and up to 32 GB of internal memory.

As is norm with the flagship G series, the G3 also boasts of superlative camera features with advanced Optical Image Stabilisation and laser auto focus on a 13 MP back camera and 2.1 MP front camera. There is dual flash, ensuring that even selfies are well lit.

LG’s trademark KnockCode promises enhanced security, with over 80,000 options to personalize this breakthrough security option. The G3 is designed with a separable 3,000 mAh battery and is enabled to have wireless charging as well.

The new features on the G3 include Smart Notice, which offers the user predicative recommendation based on status, location and patterns. Sensible Indicator and Quick Circle options ensure that six of the most used applications on the phone are always available for use on the home page at a touch.

The unique Software Diet feature clubs similar pre-installed applications together while the intuitive and aesthetic graphic UI enables the user to remove unnecessary visual elements to customize the phone.

The amazing modernity of G3 extends to its smart keyboard as well to afford seamless typing and quick correction at a simple gesture.

The phone is available at all leading mobile phone retailers in Kerala and is priced competitively at Rs. 47,999/- for the 16 GB and Rs. 50,999/- for the 32 GB version.

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