My office is where I am

I have been working in the ‘My office is where I am’ mode for more than seven years now. It gives a lot of flexibility and convenience. Just for the records sake, I have filed / uploaded stories while travelling on several Express, Jana / Swarna Shatabdi / Shatabdi / Rajadhani Exp trains across India, not to mention waiting rooms at railway stations and several hotel lobbies.

I have also worked while waiting outside the labour room during the delivery of our second child and outside the ICCU as my dad was recuperating after a cardiac arrest, both in Kerala.


I remember one incident, some years back while I was driving on a long journey, my then Editor from Delhi called up for some additional material regarding a story which I had filed earlier. I just parked my car under a tree, took out my laptop, connected and mailed him.

All this won’t have been possible if I was working from an office. Btw, who needs an office now? 😉

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