Church Choir or Chaos?

Continuing with my post on the state of affairs at our church, the St. George Orthodox Cathedral in Trivandrum, here is my take on the church choir.

1. Either there should be a proper choir or no choir. What we have today is a shame.

2. Most of the time it looks like there is a competition between those in the madbaha (altar).

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Can we save our Sunday Schools?

I am a member of the St. George Orthodox Cathedral in Trivandrum (Kerala) and we are part of the Malankara Orthodox Church in India. As on March 2013, we have 1,375 members in our parish register and about 1,000 are active which means about 2,500 – 2,750 individuals but there are only about 100 children for the Sunday School. So what are the issues facing the Sunday School today and what can be possibly done to revive it?

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