Chandran Pillai’s shack @ Thirumullawaram – a must visit place for seafood freaks

I have been hearing about Chandran Pillai and his famous seafood thattukada (something close to a shack) ever since I shifted to Kerala in 2007. The last time I was driving through Kollam, I decided to check out the place to have some good seafood. Just 3 kms off the old National Highway from Kollam, Thirumullawaram has a rustic and serene setting that’s a welcome break for us city dwellers. You can park the car amidst the coconut trees and walk across the rocky beach to Chandran Pillai’s shack.

Even though the facilities are the bare minimum, it offers the best seafood you can get in this part of the country. Shrimp, mussels, crabs, fish head (thala) curry, fish fry, etc… you name it, it’s there.

Update: This post was published in 2009 after our first visit there and since then, we have been going to Chandran Pillai’s kada at least once a year or whenever we drive through Kollam. There are times when we plan our journey through Kollam just to have food at this place.

Chandran Pillai has since shifted to a much bigger and better place but the taste still remains the same. Somehow, I liked the old settings. Btw, now you can drive straight to his hotel. Click here for some photographs taken in 2016.

DD completes 50 years

Doordarshan has completed 50 years today. It was on this day on the 15th of September, 1959 that Doordarshan first started its transmission.

Goodbye YSR

Congress has lost yet another promising leader in an accident. Well, another helicopter crash and another name to the list of people who went down crashing. Sad and bad that with all the hi-tech gizmo’s we still cannot avoid an incident like this. The former Lok Sabha Speaker GMC Balayogi, Madhavrao Scindia, Aaj Tak Correspondent Ranjan Jha are some of the names that I remember now, people who died in a similar way. Great people whose lives were cut short by a crash.

Sumukhanaya Orthodox Varan

‘Sumukhanaya Orthodox Varan’ (Handsome Orthodox Bridegroom). This was the caption of a Matrimonial Advertisement in today’s Malayala Manorama. And since we were looking for a guy for my cousin, we thought of calling up the number. When we called the given number, it belongs to a Marriage Bureau. They first wanted a detailed bio-data / profile from us before giving any information about the 53 year old guy mentioned in the advt.
The classified was misleading as it gave an impression about a personal ad and not of a bureau. Looks like an easy way to fool people and collect bio-data / profiles of Ladies (Spinsters / Widows / Divorcees).
This is least expected from Manorama Classifieds which has some credibility compared to other dailies. Either Manorama Classifieds should cross check the telephone number before putting the ad or better will be to mention in the ad that it’s a bureau.
Will save lot of time, effort and also curses. Makes me actually wonder if this ‘Sumukhanaya Orthodox Varan’ really exists?

An evening with Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia

The curtain raiser for the National Convention of SPICMACAY was held at KV Pattom today evening with a performance by Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia. The National Convention of Spicmacay will be held in Trivandrum in the last week of May. The last time I heard him live was in 1999 during the Vasant Habba at Hesserghetta (Bangalore).
An evening with Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia
Today’s performance was very interactive with Panditji quizzing the students and explaining the various nuances of the pieces he was playing. I am looking forward to the events at the National Convention. Hope I will be able to attend some performances.