Hopes ‘n Vision – Kerala Calling

The Government of Kerala has been continuously formulating strategies and initiating processes to bring women into the mainstream. Women constitute more than half of the State’s population and it is abundantly clear that there can be no development unless their needs and interests are fully taken into account. A Cover Story.

Kerala Calling, August 2008

Published by I&PRD, Govt. of Kerala

Yachting Times

Yachting Times is India’s first comprehensive journal on Leisure boating. YT brings together family, friends and the mad flirtations they have with the seas, rivers, lakes, backwaters and the boats. This is a bimonthly publication.

Swad India ka

Had a pleasant surprise with Amul. Their customer service is excellent and they really make you feel like a king!!

Dal badal or horse trading?

Some Congress and JD (S) MLAs in Karnataka have joined BJP in the last few days. Obviously they would have been offered a good packaged deal. Normally horse trading happens when there is a crisis in the government but in normal circumstances, this is surprising! They should remember that they were elected by the people on the basis of the party they represented. They are now betraying those who voted them to the Vidhan Soudha. But who cares? These opportunists should be banned from even contesting elections again and the Election Commission should recover the cost of conducting the by-election from them. Is anyone listening?