‘Slice of Italy’ at Hilton Garden Inn, Trivandrum

“Give us this day our daily bread and … Lead us not into temptation…”, so we say every time we recite the Lord’s Prayer. Well, an international food festival during the Lent season is indeed a temptation one can’t resist. After the Konkan food fest last month, the Hilton Garden Inn, Trivandrum is currently hosting an Italian food fest ‘Slice of Italy’ at their Garden Grille restaurant for the connoisseurs of Italian cuisine in the capital city.

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A taste of amazing food from our neighbouring island nation

After the Italian food fest at the Vivanta by Taj, Trivandrum in August 2016 and the Chinese food fest at the Hilton GardenInn, Trivandrum later in November, I think the timing was perfect for the next international food fest in our capital city when the Leela Raviz, Kovalam decided to host a Sri Lankan food fest in the first week of the New Year itself.

Reaching early for the media launch of the ‘Island Nation’s Amazing Food’ Sri Lankan food fest at the Terrace restaurant, I spent some time exploring the Leela Raviz, Kovalam which is supposed to be India’s only cliff top beach resort.

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