Cake Mixing Ceremonies, a tradition heralding Christmas

Cake Mixing Ceremony is a tradition that heralds in Christmas. Even though I have covered cake mixing ceremonies before, this was the first time I was actually invited to participate in one at the Vivanta by Taj, Trivandrum and I did not miss the opportunity. I was in full uniform, with the apron, chef hat and gloves, thanks to James, the F&B Manager.

It was fun and frolic all around as we all started the cake mixing ceremony under the guidance of Pastry Chef Sunil and Executive Chef Jose. This was the first major cake mixing ceremony of the season and it was pretty much an internal event with the entire staff in attendance. The event saw about 20 litres of liquor, mainly Brandy and Rum, being poured over 325 kgs of dates, tutty fruity, kismis (both black and yellow), black currant, red cherry, orange peel, candied ginger and powdered spices, and mixed vigorously by the enthusiastic employees of the hotel. The cashew nuts will be added later. The aura of freshly ground spices and the liquor mix was overwhelming. After 45 days of maturing, the mix will be used for baking Plum Cakes, Plum Pudding and Stollen Bread. I am just waiting to have a bite of the rich delicious plum cake.

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Continuing with the season of cake mixing ceremonies, I had the second opportunity at the Hilton Garden Inn, Trivandrum. It was a much bigger event with participation from the hotel’s regular guests and corporate clients apart from the staff under the leadership of the Executive Chef Ashok. About 10 litres of homemade wine, fresh fruit juice and honey was added to 150 kgs of raisins, tuffy fruity, cherry, plums, dates, kismis, orange zest and ginger chips. Freshly powdered spices and another 20 litres of assorted liquor completed the list of ingredients mixed during the fun-filled ceremony. The marinated mix (along with some 50 kgs of last year’s) would be used for baking some finger-licking and lip-smacking Christmas plum cakes. I look forward to relishing the same.

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At the Uday Samudra, Kovalam; the Cake Mixing ceremony was dedicated to the Indian defence forces, the heroes of our nation. Apart from the in-house guests and the staff, few officers from the Indian Air Force and Coast Guard were present on the occasion. Cherries, plums, raisins, sweet ginger; black currant, orange peel, cashews, and honey were mixed along with brandy, red wine and rum. The mix has been placed in casks to soak in all liquid and mature beautifully by Christmas. It will then be used make plum cakes, puddings and other delicacies. It was a common event cake mixing for all their other units like Uday Suites & Uday Sky Kitchen, and they plan to distribute about 50 kgs of cakes to the Army, Air Force & Coast Guard units based in Trivandrum.

At the Vivanta by Taj Green Cove, Kovalam, the fruit mixing ceremony was a community event. The group marinated the dry fruits to be used in the cake by soaking them in spirits, flavouring agents and tastemakers. The in-house guests of the resort along with the regular corporate guests actively participated in the ceremony. Mathew Thomas, the General Manager led the hotel team in making the occasion a true moment of joy.

Anil Philip

(Last updated: Nov 27,2017)

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