How to renew SAIL Mediclaim Insurance Premium online

It is that time of the year when ex-employees of Steel Authority of India (SAIL) and its steel plants like Bhilai (BSP), Rourkela (RSP), Bokaro, Durgapur, Salem, etc; run around to renew their medical insurance premiums under the SAIL Mediclaim Scheme.

Ex-employees are usually under stress to get the mediclaim renewed for themselves and their spouses as they hardly get the renewal forms on time, by post. Over these years, we have seen that Insurance Companies and Third Party Administers (TPA) have not been very customer friendly but for the last few years, the renewal form is available online on the SAIL website and there is also a provision to make the premium payment online through State Bank of India (SBI).

The online premium payment is a very easy and convenient option but since most of the ex-employees may not be very Internet savvy, I guess the best option would be for their children to pay it online. However unlike in the past, to renew the Mediclaim, since 2018-19 there is NO need to send any form or receipt to FSS, only the online payment of premium is required.

Steps to make online SAIL Mediclaim premium payment:

  1. Go to and click on the ‘SB Collect’ tab on the menu bar.
  2. Next page, click the box ‘I have read and accepted the terms …’ and click on the ‘Proceed‘ button
  3. Next page – from the drop-down menu under ‘State of Corporate/Institution’, first select ‘National Capital Territory of Delhi’ and then under ‘Type of Corporate/Institution’, select ‘Industry’ and click the Go button
  4. Next page – under Industry name, select ‘Steel Authority of India Limited’ and click Submit
  5. Next, select Payment category from the drop-down menu as ‘Mediclaim Self or Mediclaim Spouse or Mediclaim Both’, depending on your case
  6. Enter MIN (Medical Index Number): For ‘Mediclaim self’ or ‘Mediclaim both’, enter the MIN of Ex-employee. For option ‘spouse’ only, enter MIN of the spouse.
  7. On clicking ‘Submit’, the page displays member details. Premium amount will be automatically displayed
  8. Enter all other details as required and then click Submit to proceed to the payment screen where the payment options along with the applicable transaction charges are displayed. Make a note of the SAIL PNO and the Date of Separation with you before filling the form. SAIL PNO is the Personnel Number (Plant Employee Number). Date of separation is either the date of retirement (superannuation) or the last working date, in case of voluntary retirement (VR).
  9. You can make payment through Credit Card / Debit Card / ATM Card / Net Banking. Please note there is a nominal transaction fee.
  10. On successful payment, please print the e-receipt for your records. If you don’t have a printer at home, please ‘Save as PDF’ and then take a printout outside.

I repeat, since 2018-19, there is NO need to send any form or receipt to the FSS of your respective unit, only the online payment of premium is required.

I have been using the online system to make the premium payment for my parents’ mediclaim ever since it was introduced. It is very easy and convenient if you follow the instructions. My dad worked at Bhilai Steel Plant for 42 years – Anil Philip.

Important update: SAIL Mediclaim Scheme (2018-19) has been extended for a period of three (3) months from 11th April to 10th July 2019 with M/s.United India Insurance Co. Ltd. (UII). M/s. MD India Health Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd., will continue to be the TPA for the aforesaid period.

Click here to download the SAIL Mediclaim notification/premium details for 2019-20. The payment of renewal premium can be done till April 30, 2019.

Last updated April 20, 2019


  1. Titty K. Samuel   •  

    very good information, thank you

  2. krishnarao pandre   •  

    I want to have SBI collect challan for remitting premium for the year 2016-17

  3. rahul   •  

    There are lots of loopholes in between this internet e challen/payment etc. of SAIL mediclaim .In asansol its operated by most of the cybercafe , who charge a hefty sum for this filling of e challan or payment. which actually requires less than a minute. I tried all options in my laptop having an mts connection but every time the message ” please verify data and try again ” appears.
    but it opens in a single click in a cybercafe of particular who deals periodically in this type of business.
    something fishy i suspect else if there is any particular authorisation to any cybercafe or any branch to operate this system i am not sure.
    Whatever it is, it should be brought in attention to cyber crime department , i suppose.
    Thanking you.

    • Anil Philip   •  

      I am surprised you are not able to do it. Please try with another Internet connection. I am sure you can make the payment yourself.

      • A.Saxena.   •  

        Please consider those who are familiar with internet etc. I think you are considering yourself as the ‘standard’.

  4. K.S.Vijaya Raghavan   •  

    Thanks for your great service. I could complete everything without any hitch.

    K S Vijaya Raghavan
    Retd. DGM – Salem Steel Plant.

  5. R.Selvaraj   •  

    Sir, I have yet to use, I hope it will be useful
    Sr.Office Sudpt

  6. Abhinav Soni   •  

    Thanks for the sharing the information, please let me know the address for Bhilai Steel plant so i can post the documents.

    • Anil Philip   •  

      DGM (P-ES), FSS, Shed No. 4-D, CEZ Office, Near Equipment Chowk, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai 490001

      • Kamal John   •  

        Hi Anil. The information was worth very much. I have a query regarding the same but a bit more. My father’s insurance last date for renewal in E-Meditek was March 31st 2016, but I couldnt renew it by that date. Now, as it has changed to Raksha TPA. Will there be any problem in renewing the mediclaim. Kindly opine.

        • Anil Philip   •  

          You can still renew it. Just make sure they get the renewal form along with the online payment receipt by April 30.

          • SUDIPTA LAKRA   •  


      • Dr. Nivedita   •  

        Good noon Sir,
        I just wanted to know if this is the address where i need to submit the form and receipt for renewnal of mediclaim in bhilai or is there any other office where i can submit it in person..
        Also, my father passed away this month and i need to renew only my mother’s mediclaim.. if u could please guide me through or provide a contact number of the office personnel whom i need to approach for the same.

        Thank you,
        Dr. Nivedita

        • Anil Philip   •  

          You can also submit the form at Sector 5 Health Centre till April 30, 10 am to 4 pm. For any further clarifications, please contact Rajeev Mehrotra, AGM (Pers) -94079 82107 or B L Sahu – 94079 84024

  7. Anurag   •  

    Hi Anilji, your article is very helpful for me considering that my father is no more and I have to complete the process behalf of my mother from the other side of the world. Please continue doing the good work!!!!!

    • Anil Philip   •  

      Thank you Anurag 🙂 Good to know it was useful.

  8. Sandeep M   •  

    Thanks Anil for such an useful and detailed information. This will definitely make our life easier. I have two questions
    1. Do you know the mediclaim center for VISL, Bhadravathi plant? OR Anyway I could find that out?
    2. If you could help with the address for VISL, Bhadravathi steel plant as well, it would be very helpful.


  9. Anup Singh   •  

    Hi Anil, You information is very helpful, I have one quick question, My father is out of country he has deposited renewal and got receipt but he facing some challenges to fill form and submit on time before April 31st so could you please let me know if he could submit form after April 31st.

    • Anil Philip   •  

      Normally they don’t accept the form after the cut off date. But in this case as the renewal amount has already been remitted, probably they might. It’s best to check with the TPA or SAIL officials directly.

  10. drrajnish25   •  

    Sir please tell me how to reprint the challan. I have already made the payment but couldn’t reprint the same.

    • Anil Philip   •  

      You can use your Name, Date of Birth & Mobile No. which you gave while filling the form to reprint the challan.

  11. Vipul   •  

    My father is retired employee of SAIL , Bokaro. I was trying to renew the mediclaim policy but every time the message ” please verify data and try again ” appears.

    I also tried downloading SBI challan for cash deposit at branch but the SBI challan available have details “Power Jyoti Account No. 31955226331 at SBI, RSP Campus Branch, Rourkela. Branch, Code No. 12086.” mentioned.
    Should I use this challan to submit the amount Please suggest.

    • Anil Philip   •  

      You can print out the computer generated challan (having a pre-printed State Bank Collect Reference No.) and use the same for making payment through cash, cheque, pay-order or demand draft at any of the SBI Branches

  12. Dr. Nivedita   •  

    thank you Sir

  13. Shiv Rajdev   •  

    I just wanted to know the address where i need to submit the form and receipt for renewnal of mediclaim in Bokaro . My father was an ex-employee of SAIL
    I need to renew only my mother’s mediclaim.. if u could please guide me through or provide an address whom i need to approach for the same.
    Thank you,
    Shiv Rajdev

    • Anil Philip   •     Author

      I have uploaded the complete list of Resource Persons for different SAIL units and Steel Plants. Please check below the main article to know.

  14. vineeta dubey   •  

    Sir, your post was really helpful.
    My mother ll have gallstones surgery in few weeks. i wanted to know what is the limit of money that ll be covered?

  15. Monalisa Palit   •  

    Please let me know the address of the nodal office of Bokaro Steel Plant to send my mediclaim documents.

  16. Kamal John   •  

    Hi Anil, How are you doing? I just wanted to ask you that it has been more than 11 days now since the cut off date of submission for mediclaim. Until now, there is no response or any news about it from the insurance or SAIL end. Kindly let me know if there is any way to check the status of the same via any site, phone number or anything else. Thanks a lot in advance. 🙂

  17. Sudeep   •  

    Dear Mr. Philip,

    Please let me know the address of the nodal office of Rourkela Steel Plant to send my mediclaim documents.
    Contact person’s name, number and mail id., if possible, would be really helpful.


  18. Anil Philip   •     Author

    I have uploaded the complete list of Resource Persons for different SAIL units and Steel Plants. Please check below the main article.

    • A.Saxena.   •  

      Please be more proactive, as the renewal time has arrived, and almost all senior citizens find it difficult to cope up with the speed which is required now-a-days. And more important, most of the aged person are NOT at all conversant with the I.T. / Internet etc. and also the are living alone without any support.

    • A.Saxena.   •  

      Is there any link for renewal of Mediclaim for the year 2017-18?

    • Praveen Kumar   •  

      What is SAIL PNO. While submission of last page.

      • Anil Philip   •     Author

        Personnel Number (Employee Number)

  19. Dr.Suja R   •  

    My parents were both employees at SAIL-RSP. Retired in 1986 and mother took voluntary retirement. Both had Mediclaim. Father expired in 2011 and mother continued as spouse. She used to send it herself as we were staying away and she was comfortable with hard copies as father used to do. But since two years, the policy is not renewed as once there was lot of delay in getting the renewal form and the card did not come. It was a long wait for the card and finally we understood that it was not renewed due to some problem. I would just like to know if there is an option to renew the mediclaim policy once it is broken for one or two years, say after remittance of a fine amount or so ? In that case, it would be very helpful and we could renew it this year online.


    • A.Saxena.   •  

      Same thing happened with me also few years back. At that time renewal of left-out cases was done only once in five years time, and my policy could not be renewed for some 4 years or so, due to change in the policy. And as my luck had it, I had to spend about Rs.1.2 Lacs on my treatment in 2011 from my pocket. Now, as I remember, they consider left-out cases every year. Please be in contact with the concerned persons regularly.

  20. A.Saxena.   •  

    What is the status of renewal for the year 2017-18? Please publish and send me a copy at .

  21. Jatinder   •  


    Can anyone please help to upload the 2017-2018 Sail Medicalim Renewal form.


  22. CHET RAM DHYANI   •  

    Dear Mr. Anil,

    Please let me know, when ever SAIL award anyone for the medical policy for the year ( 2017-18), I mean the service provider, on my e-mail

    ( Ex- SAIL Employee )
    9999672803 / 9.

  23. V V S J RAO   •  


  24. santosh kumar   •  

    Hello Sir,

    Please update the renewal madi claim process for the year 2017-18 as i follow the above instruction and i am getting the error that ” No Corporate/Institution available for the selected State.”
    So please help

  25. Amarendar Kumar   •  

    Dear Anil Ji,
    Great post, but for some reason, when I am selecting ” National Capital territory of Delhi” and then industry and then click on “Go”, what I am getting is – No Corporate/Institution available for the selected State.
    Please suggest.

  26. Anil Philip   •     Author

    Sorry for not responding so far. I have no concrete information regarding the renewal process for 2017-18. I will also upload the form or other renewal details, as soon as it is available on this site. Thank you.

  27. surendra upadhyay   •  

    Till date no scheme has launced or notified . Three months policy with raksha TPA has been withdrawn .

    Surendra upadhyay
    Maitri Bhawan
    bokaro steel plant

  28. Pankaj kumar chakraverty   •  

    Will u kindly let me know the procedure of renewing mediclaim sail policy for the yr 2017 April to June 30 .Has it been published by sail as of to date ? U r also silent in many such enquiries . Any possible way for payment of premium may be informed . Thank u very much . —– Pankaj kumar chakraverty , . Mob no 9830587407 .ex employee of bokaro steel plant

  29. V V S J RAO   •  

    what happened ? why no official word on sail website regarding mediclaim renewal for 2017-18 for retired employees . why?????

  30. Amol   •  

    Hello Anil Ji,
    For Ex-BSP employees to which address we have to mail the the form after paying the premium online.

    Thank You

    • Anil Philip   •     Author

      Final Settlement Section
      Old Sector 5 Health Centre Building,
      Near to Sector 5 Chowk,
      Bhilai 490001

  31. P sinha   •  

    My mother’s SAIL mediclaim Renewal (Spouse) for 2016-2017 could not be done as last date of renewal missed by few days. I had written request letter last year to all concern but nothing happened. Mediclaim was under force till 2015-16. Discontinued for one year. Can I renew mediclaim this year ???

  32. Venkat   •  


    Can you please confirm the physical address for Bhilai to which the renewal forms for 2017-18 need to be mailed.

    Thank you

  33. Venkat   •  

    Sorry for asking the same question that has already been answered, but I see the address to be as below, which is different from the one already answered:

    Rajeev Mehrotra
    AGM (P-FSS),
    Final Settlement Section
    Sector 5 Hospital Building,
    Sector 5
    BHILAI – Chattisgarh 490 006

    • Anil Philip   •     Author

      Yes, this is the new address.

  34. D.J.Singh   •  

    Thank you so much for the detailed information, but some of the information given here has not been updated by the SBI. There is absolutely no way in which you can pay online, through online SBI because the public undertaking option of SAIL in the national territory of Delhi is nowhere in sight.
    That is why this is the problem which all of us face every year, when we renew our one year. Medical insurance for our parents. Firstly, continuous changing of TPA, and lack of knowledge on the Internet about whether the medical insurance is going to honoured by SAIL or not. For all those people, whose cards expired on 31st March this year, they had no insurance coverage up to 11 April.
    And then again, we have to face the problem of a challan. For the last 28 years since my father retired, every year, it is this problem, how to pay online – on a site which has absolutely no payment method, how to print out a challan – a challan which does not exist, and how to give proof of payment to our respective steel plants.
    The medical insurance card for my father arrived last year in July! He was fortunate that he did not have to undergo any sort of medical treatment from March to July, when he was supposedly uninsured. This is not amusing. SAIL is supposed to be made up of efficient professionals, and not people who could not care less. I being a senior management professional myself definitely am not pleased at this show of total apathy and laissez-faire attitude, on the part of this well-known PSE.

  35. Tarun   •  

    My mother (ex employee Spouse) is unable to renew SAIL mediclaim for 2017-18 as because the mediclaim renewal of 2016-17 was missed by few days.Mediclaim was under force from 1991 till 2016 (25 years).My mother is an window & she desperately need the mediclaim.It is totally unfair to not to allow renewal ,in case of discontinuation for one term due to expiry of last date. Renewal should be allowed with penalty every year for such lapse cases.Leaving an helpless aged employee or spouse without medical cover does not support any logic.The present rule need to reviewed & not to disallow any employee or spouse of this basic facility. Such decision is unilateral and having no logic. I earnestly request the association to take up the cause and arrange mediclaim renewal facility to lapse cases as well with suitable penalty / fine ,as applicable. A response will be highly appreciable.

  36. Tarun Deep Girdher   •  

    Dear Mr. Anil

    thank you so much for this post. Have taken the liberty of sharing this on the facebook group of Rourkela.
    God Bless you

    (childhood in Sector 6, Rourkela)

    • Anil Philip   •     Author

      Most welcome Tarun, glad to know that it was useful 🙂


  37. Dr. Virender singh   •  

    Dear anil,
    My father was a employee of RSP for 38 years ND took VRS… He took the Mediclaim policy for himself and my mother. Hereafter he expired in 2004 and policy discontinued because staying out of Rourkela I did not know if it could be continued. Can I renew the SAIL ME DISCLAIMER POLICY for my mother. Any penalty, late fees etc can be paid. Kindly respond on my email.
    Dr. Virender singh

  38. Ashim Bhanja Chowdhury   •  


    A big round of thanks for initiating this site and educating people and updating them. This is really helpful for the yester generation who are not that tech savy.

    I would like to know when will they allow people to include freshly for the mediclaim? I wish to include my mother as she was never part of the mediclaim policy of SAIL. Also My father had retired in 1991 and passed away in 2007.

    Can anyone please help to update on the documents that will be required to get enrolled for the first time?

    Thanks & regards

  39. ARGHA   •  

    What to do after getting the receipt? Do I need to show it anywhere ?

    • Anil Philip   •     Author

      No need to show it anywhere unless you need to update/revalidate the OPD Book (applicable only if you or your parents are still living in the township.

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  41. Indrajit   •  

    Hi Anil,

    I have one confusion. For year 2018-19 My father’s mediclaim is totally exhausted, i.e. 4 Lakh. Now from 11 Apr 2019 SAIL has extended the Policy for next 3 months i.e. upto 10 July 2019. Now my father again got admitted on 13 Apr 2019 and an expense of 50 k is incurred by hospital. Can I claim this amount now for this extension period. How much amount I can claim in between these 3 months. I was in touch with MD India Customer care but they are saying that in extension period I can use only unused amount from 2018-19 Policy. Please your opinion.

    • Anil Philip   •     Author

      I am not an expert in this field but I guess you will have to go by what the TPA says. Anyway, you can cross check with the FSS of your respective plant.

  42. divya dev   •  

    can u pls tell me what s SAILPNO * and Date of Separation * last year ths was not thr

    • Anil Philip   •     Author

      SAIL PNO is the Personnel Number (Plant Employee Number). Date of separation is either the date of retirement (superannuation) or the last working date, in case of voluntary retirement (VR).

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