Samsung launches new mobile innovation: S bike mode

Bangalore: Samsung India Electronics today announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy J3 featuring the S bike mode, an industry-first dedicated feature for two-wheeler riders that is designed to enable responsible and tension free riding.

Once activated at the beginning of a ride, any caller trying to reach the Samsung Galaxy J3 user will be notified through an automated answering machine that the user is riding and cannot take calls so that the ride remains uninterrupted. The caller may choose to press 1 to express urgency to talk with the biker for which the biker will have to bring his bike to a halt in order to take the call.

“While studying the consumers’ phone usage behaviour, we realised that incoming calls are a major distraction to bikers. We are very happy that we have come up with something that will benefit millions of two-wheeler users and promote responsible riding,” said Asim Warsi. Senior VP, Samsung India Electronics.

Galaxy J3 is an extension of Samsung’s vision to offer innovative and differentiated products across price segments. S bike mode will be available across all 4G-enabled Galaxy J series devices over a period of time.

“Samsung Galaxy J3 is the first affordable segment device that has been equipped with NFC hardware to activate the S bike mode with a single tap of the device on a S bike NFC tag that will be shipped with every unit. The revolutionary S bike mode has been designed in India by our engineers to not only propagate responsible riding which is a concern for both consumers and government authorities, but also ensure a tension free ride,” Dipesh Shah, Senior VP, Samsung R&D Institute India.

Samsung Galaxy J3 has a 5 inch HD super AMOLED screen and comes with an 8 megapixel rear camera. It also features a 5 mega-pixel front camera to provide great video calling and selfie experience. The phone is equipped with a 1.5 GHz Quad Core processor and 1.5 GB RAM for easy multi-tasking and fast speed.

Samsung Galaxy J3 is priced at Rs 8,990 and will be available in three colour options of gold, black and white exclusively on Snapdeal from March 31, 2016.

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