Samsung unveils ChatON messenger compatible across platforms

New Delhi: Samsung Electronics today unveiled the new version 3.5 of ChatON, the global mobile and cross platform instant messenger service. Version 3.5, now offers dynamic new features including up to 1GB file sharing, instant message translation between English and Hindi, up to 1001 members’ group chat, easy location sharing, sent message recall, Indianized Anicons and SMS/MMS integration.

Samsung ChatON is a multi-platform service – available across Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry and can be used across a wide range of devices. Currently ChatON has 200 million subscribers globally.

Talking about ChatON’s updated version, Tarun Malik, Director of Media Solutions Centre – South West Asia, Samsung Electronics said, “With ChatON Version 3.5, we have simplified mobile instant messaging while adding innovative features. The app has been updated keeping in mind the needs of the young and socially connected users. One of the most exciting new features is message translation, which makes it possible for people speaking different languages to chat with ease. Also the ability to use this platform to consume content from various genres like news, entertainment, games, health and others through multiple devices and platforms allows greater flexibility to users.”

Glympse is a nifty new feature that will enable the users to share their real-time location with their ChatON buddies for a specified period of time through application. ChatON is also India’s first messaging application to feature English-to-Hindi and Hindi-to-English instant translation feature. Version 3.5 has also introduced a local language translation feature for incoming messages, which supports 14 Indian languages.

Another very useful feature that has been added keeping in mind user needs is the sent message recall feature, which allows users to recall messages they may have sent accidentally. The new version supports large file sharing up to 1GB, allowing users to easily share multimedia contents with their contacts. ChatON also overcomes limitations of group sizes and allows up to 1,001 persons in a group.

The improved message integration feature allows users to manage their ChatON and SMS/MMS messages from the same sender in one chat room. This opt-in feature allows users to access both types of messages at the same time for a more seamless message experience even in an unstable network environment.

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